Touch Device v.0.12 released

The new version of the Touch Device suite is available.



10/1/20231 min read

A new version of Touch Device, along with the new versions of all drivers, TouchPrefs and TouchBench, has just been released.

What's new?

The great news is the first public release of the HIDTouchUSBFD driver, which allows the use of the vast majority of modern multi-touch monitors.

Detailed list of new features

TouchDevice v.0.12

  • bug fixing, API to support the upcoming HID touchscreen driver

TouchPrefs v0.18

  • many stability fixes

  • removed flickering when refreshing the test and calibration screen

  • completed simultaneous management of many touchscreens

  • identification of touchscreens also by serial number if available

  • added French and German languages

EGalaxTouchUSBFD v.0.7
ITMTouchUSBFD v.0.4

WaveshareTouchUSBFD v.0.4

  • fixed bugs

  • unified code

HIDTouchUSBFD v.0.7

  • first public release

TouchBench v.0.9

  • fixed startup by CLI

  • fixed a bug that prevented a single click from being simulated correctly

  • improved sensitivity and responsiveness

  • added default tooltype: DONOWAIT (useful when executed from WBStartup)

  • fixed missing reconnection when a device is removed and reattached