Report on the state of work

Status of my driver's touchscreens jobs.



4/29/20191 min read

Hello everyone,
i'm writing this post to communicate the status of my driver's touchscreens jobs.
To begin with, it is no longer a driver: since the appetite comes with eating, I wanted to aim for a complete solution.
After 8 years of development done in my spare time (having worked on it full-time I think it would have been ready in about 6/7 months), the result is the following:

  • touch.device: provides the common API for mounting drivers and producing touch events (including MULTITOUCH);

  • touch.usbfd: touchscreen drivers connected via USB (currently only supports old egalax);

  • touchPrefs: configuration tool for touch devices based on the touch.device API;

  • touchbench: is an example of client for touch.device. It is an application that works in the background and translates touch events produced by touch.device into mouse events.Among the various features, it also works in multiscreen, to some it might seem trivial but I assure you that on AmigaOS it is not.

For how it's structured, writing new drivers to support other touchscreens is very simple.
Is anyone interested in doing some betatesting before release, or does it have other touchscreens to propose to me?

Thank you